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Ascaso Steel Bar Pod One Group

The Ascaso Steel Bar is a high performance coffee machine ideal for a restaurant/bar or the ultimate home barista experience!

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Ascaso Steel Bar Pod One Group Image

Ascaso Steel Bar Pod

Designed and built by the Ascaso family in Barcelona, since 1962.

Ascaso Steel Bar

The Ascaso Steel Bar Pod - 1 Group is equipped as standard with electronic dosing device (TRONIC) with an original button panel that offers coffee selections ranging from small to large and extra large. The Ascaso Steel Bar Pod - 1 Group is designed for both bar and restaurant professionals, or for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a bar experience at home.

There is a water network connection option providing a constant supply to the 5 Litre water tank.

The size and performance are to a professional standard and boasts a solid and rugged all stainless steel body. It features an analogue boiler temperature gaugegiving an accurate reading from the high quality brass boiler. The pump delivers a pressure of up to a maximum 16 bar.

The Ascaso Steel Bar Pod - 1 Group works with ESE pods. The ESE Pod coffee machines work in a similar way to ground coffee machines. They do have considerable advantages though, in the main no spilled coffee grounds, no waste, and constant freshness. Coffee absorbs oxygen from the air and as a result always needs to be kept as airtight as possible. To achieve this the ESE pods are packed in aluminium foil, itself recyclable, and in the process of packing the foils bags are flushed with nitrogen for maximum freshness. The pods themselves are compostable so the whole exercise is eco friendly.

The Steel Bar Pod sports a 3 way valve, ensuring a dry extraction, eliminating final dripping and preventing over pressurisation. There is also an over pressure valve which will regulate the pressure, ensuring it is at the specified number of bar.

If you are a cappuccino lover then you'll wonder how you did without the special cappuccino steam pipe to ensure perfectly frothed cappuccinos every time.

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Ascaso Steel Bar Specifications

  • Width: 60cm
  • Depth: 42cm
  • Height: 44cm
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Water Tank: 5 litres


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