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Coffee Beans & Reserve Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans at Fairfax

We specialize in Espresso Coffee beans and offer what we consider to be gourmet coffee for the discerning home user. With many years of experience in selling domestic espresso machines we realise that no matter how good the machine is, without freshly ground and carefully selected coffee beans it is impossible to create a great drink.

Espressione Beans

We have selected a roaster in Campania south of Naples who has constantly delivered our customers favourite blends. Their roasting and blending is a closely guarded family secret. We offer blends of coffees with origins in Asia, Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean. Reserve: Our original 100% Arabica bean blend and biggest selling espresso coffee. It has medium to strong taste, combined with a softness on the palate. Suitable for all types of espresso machines, particularly good for the bean to cup machines.

Jura Coffee Beans

Blended by our roasters in the UK to a traditional Italian recipe, our range of Jura Coffee beans have been designed especially for the Jura Coffee Machines we sell so successfully.

Fairtrade Beans

Beans guaranteed by the “FairTrade” international brand thus ensuring due remuneration to the producers, independent of the market fluctuations, allowing them a more dignified and secure life.

100% Arabica high quality coffee deriving from small grounds of Central and Southern America, biologically cultivated without phytochemical manures.

As they are so new these beans are branded with our roasters house label showing you all the certifications this delicious coffee has been through to bring it to your table.

Office Coffee

Over the years many customers have asked us for coffee that tastes just like the espresso available in coffee bars, but at a lower price. This year we have introduced a blend of 11 origins of coffee with a large proportion of Robusta for a kick in the taste and a big crema. Ideal for offices as well, this coffee comes in 1kg bags at a highly competitive price, but that’s the only basic thing about it.

For those larger users who want to serve a gourmet coffee we have packaged our 100% Arabica coffee into 1kg bags. This represents a considerable cost saving over the retail packs.

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